Thursday Afternoon…

I am trying to decide what to do. I am going to write and direct a TV Show. I am meeting with a couple of people that I know about helping me with this. I need more help with this. I am going to write a play, but this is secondary to the TV show. I will write 12 episodes and raise the funds needed to shoot all 12 locally if possible. I don’t know if I will apply for the AD program through the DGA or not. I would have to have a way to NY 3 times if I make it that far through the process. I would also need two recommendations for the application. I am planning on working on my web site to make it a site for the TV show. There will be more about that to come. I have been applying to a bunch of Jobs. I have received responses for a couple of them. One of them sounds promising but it is in NY. I need prayer and advice about so much.


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