Wednesday Evening…

I have been looking and applying to jobs whenever I can. I am hopeful about getting work soon. I will be leaving here to go to Green Hill Baptist. Tomorrow night is Ignite. I think we’re going on a hike this Saturday. I have nothing planned for Friday yet. I am going to Cherokee with my mom on November the 10th. I have some decisions to make but they will not be easy to make. I have to make them on my own, but input would be good. I just need to make decisions based upon what is best for me. I am open to moving anywhere as long as there is a reason to move and way to move and a way to support myself once I move. I need to find a place of my own soon. I also need my own car or move to a city. A city like NYC or Los Angeles where the public transport is available. I would love to move to London or Ireland.


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