Columbia Area Family Webseries Seeking Talent/Crew

The Kelleys

F Jason Whitaker, Writer/Director, in association with We Connected Productions, LLC, Moving Forward Pictures, and Cheryl Broadus, presents a 12 part webseries with a promo/teaser shooting February 2011.

Described as a wholesome modern family with abnormal behavior, The Kelleys is a family sitcom that will keep the laughs coming. Filming will take place in the Columbia, SC area and locals (within 50 miles) are primarily being cast because of the extensive nature of filming.

Patrick…eldest boy; a self-described loner; constantly embarrassed by his family antics; the voice of The Kelleys;
Age 15-17; Caucasian

Sean…the middle son; vies for family attention; enjoys family activities; Age 11-13; Caucasian.

Joan…mother; family monarch; plans family activities..Motto “the family that plays together, stays together”; Red hair preferred; age 40-45; Caucasian.

Edward…father; family patriarch; grudgingly participates in family activities with the exception of competitive bowling; Irish background preferred; age 40-45, Caucasian.

Please submit profile/resume with auditioning role in Subject line to by Tue. January 4 at 11:59pm. Audition sides will be emailed after complete submissions are received. Video auditions will be due Fri. Jan. 7 at 8pm. Live auditions will be held Sat. Jan. 8 at a time and Columbia, SC location TBA.

Additional cast submissions are currently being accepted as well. However, the characters will not be needed in promo/teaser video, and will audition at a later date:

Brother Jacob… estranged from the family; spends time “helping” grandma; age 8-10; Caucasian; red hair a plus

Grandma… lives next door to family; elicits “abnormal behavior” by acting helpless; Age 60-65; Caucasian; Strong Irish features

Christie…Patrick’s love interest; very confident and forthright; Age 15-17; Caucasian.

African-American family – next door neighbors that will move-in during episode 6; roles uncharacterized at this time –Mother (40-45); Father (40-45); Children ages 10-17, any gender.

Extras….All ethnicities and gender. Some Extras will have speaking lines.

Non-union actors only. No pay, but lots of fun, food on set, and screen credit.

Also seeking Crew. Please forward resume to and copy (cc) to


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