Auditions for Pilot

Studio Columbia will hold auditions for a TV pilot on February 4th: 1PM to 7 PM

Auditions will take place at the Cayce – West Columbia Library (Meeting room on lower level)

For sides and other information e-mail: filmmakerjasonwhitaker at yahoo dot com

“The Kelleys” is a family comedy/ drama.

The following roles are available:

Patrick Kelly: Second son in the Kelly Clan (after Casey.)

Age Range: 15 – 17

Casey Kelly: Eldest son of Edward Kelly and Joan Kelly. He is estranged from most of the immediate family. He lives with his Uncle and works at the hamburger joint, and sometimes runs with the high school track team.

Age Range: 17 – 20

Sean Kelly: Middle son in the Kelly Clan (after Patrick.)

Age Range: 13 – 15

Edward Kelly: Father of household. He is a sports fanatic but only participate in bowling.

Age Range: 36 – 39

Joan Kelly: Mother of household. Tries very hard as a mom with several shortcomings most notable her inability to cook or even boil water. She desires for Casey to be a part of the family.

Age Range: 36 – 39

Jacob Kelly: Youngest son in the Kelly Clan (after Sean.) Introvert around the family, extravert outside the home. Has advice booth, entrepenuer, raises money for Breast Cancer Research.

Age Range: 10 – 12

Micah Wilson: Best friend of Sean Kelly and younger brother of Christie. Son of Rachel and Jack Wilson.

Age Range: 13 – 15

Dalton: Somewhat of a bully though you would not think so looking at him.

Age Range: 13 – 15

David: Best friend of Casey, goes to High School, works at the bowling alley and doughnut shop, and is a member of the track team.

Age Range: 15 – 17

Christie Wilson: She is very pretty. She will be the girlfriend of Patrick. She is the older sister of Micah. She was at a boarding school until her father could no longer afford it.

Age Range: 15 – 17

Grandma: This role will be a voice off-screen.

Age Range: 50 and up


Bowling Alley Patrons and Employees

Age Range: 10 and up

High School Track Team Members (Must be High School age)

Age Range: 13 – 17

Restaurant Patrons and Employees

Age Range: 12 and up

Misc. Extras

Age Range: 10 and up


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