May 19th

I have been looking for work for over 3 years. I have looked everywhere including the UK and Ireland.

I will have a phone interview this Tuesday concerning a job at a TV station in upstate South Carolina.
My concern when applying to any job is whether or not the salary will be enough to cover expenses.
I am also concerned about the location of the job and how this relates to available apartments or houses to rent in the area. As I do not have a car a place that has public transportation is helpful. It would be easy if it were located in a city, say London, but when applying for a rural job, say anywhere in South Carolina, public transportation is an issue.
I would also have to consider whether or not I can easily access a grocery store, and other places from the potential job.
I had one company in London ask me when I was planning on being there for an interview. It was a great job but I do not have a work visa so I did not get the job.
I had a driver’s license in California, but it expired some time ago and I do not have one now. I need to get one, but without a car it is impossible.
I have given up on producing the TV pilot “The Kelleys”. If the opportunity to produce it were to come along then things would be different.
I have a POF (Plenty of Fish) account and I have looked at various profiles but I do not think I will ever meet someone from using the site. I would like to meet a woman and eventually marry but I do not see that happening anytime soon.

I get down from time to time, depressed, but I guess everyone does from time to time.

My faith keeps me moving forward.


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