May 27th, 2012

I have been blessed. God has blessed me.

I have been blessed in many ways.

I won a 25$ Gift Card this week from an Instant Win.

I have received several coupons from Nestle Coffee Mate for free coffee creamer.

My last blog I mentioned the stuff I received from Silk. I believe I mistakenly attributed them to BzzAgent but they were sent from a program through Coffee Mate.

I have received a free bottle of SoBe with Coconut Water and a coupon for a free SoBe beverage. This was through BzzAgent.

I enter sweepstakes and Instant Wins all of the time. I also sign up for samples and freebies all of the time.

I have been entering to win a house through HG Channel.

I am thankful for all that I have. I know that, despite what I have gone through, that I do have hope which is only found in Christ.

I have been using the site POF (Plenty of Fish). I am single but i would like to change that, but only if I meet the right woman.

My Mom’s surgery for breast cancer is this week. I pray that all goes well with this.

 The World is changing, God remains the same. Difficult times are ahead, but why fear when God is in control.

Do we prepare for the unknown? Is God our Maser?

Questions and more questions that each of us need to ask ourselves.

Marriage is a hot topic these days, but it seems to be a distraction from other issues that need to be addressed: the economy.

I hope to find work soon. The skills I have may not be “useful” to some people but they are my skills. It seems anyone that calls someone else’s skills as “useless” are merely jealous that they are not skilled themselves.

God Bless!


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