June 5, 2012

I find myself considering some things.Everyone knows that “Hollywood” is fake. The entire film and television industry as a whole is fake. I don’t have too much of a problem with that. It’s suppose to be fake. It’s not real.

But when people are fake, as most people are I am more than just bothered by it. I try my best to be real. I try to be honest. I have come across too many people that lie as a career and/ or hobby.

If people were to really love one another then things would be that much better. If people did not twist things just to fit their purpose. I have a faith. I am not religious. I pray and I read scripture. I am part of a body of believers that meets each Sunday. I am frustrated that there are too many people that claim to be a “Christian”. It would be great if we could practice what we believe. I include myself because I am not perfect, but this is about those that try to present themselves as perfect.

Some people call being a “Christian” showing up at a big building once a week or even less, or taking a vacation and calling it a mission trip. They give money to a building and neglect what God would have them do.

I know that I am so far from perfect that I would need a visa just to get near it, but this is a wake up call. To me. To you. To Everyone.

What is it that we should be doing, that we are not doing? Sometimes we need to pray and then do something as well….


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