June 6th, 2012

I have been cleaning my FB account of some people that I do not know. I set up an event on FB for my attempt at raising funds to replace stolen photography gear. I am deleting the profiles of everyone that declines this invite. I am doing this because I do not need to have people I do not know on my profile.

I am tired of people. I will no longer put up with nonsense. I need to figure out what is best for me. For too long I have listened to the wrong people.

I have met all kinds of people, most of them are fake, and I have seen what motivates most people. Most people are motivated by greed. I have been to different “churches” and I have found them to be full of religious people caught up in their own show. Green Hill Baptist, Trinity Baptist (Cayce, SC), Park Street Baptist, etc. All of them are the same. Same routines, same old people. These places are merely big buildings with people pretending to be something they have no desire to be. They can, at times, put on an interesting show but it is no more than a show.

If only the Church would rise up and be the Church. Rise up out of the filth of religion. If only the Church would be the Church. Don’t go on mission trips that are no more than vacations disguised as a mission trip. Do not set up big organizations, Southern Baptist Convention, when the funds you waste could be used to help people. Help people. Get to know them. Share a greater faith through your deeds.

There is but one Body, the Church. There is one God. There is one Savior: Jesus. There is only one Hope.

If only the people that claim to be Christian would do as they have been instructed. Imagine what could happen. What impact this could make. I write these things because I see a need for a change. Do not get caught up in the world. Do not focus on gaining more stuff.

The focus needs to be relationships. If you want to save the concept of marriage then save it, don’t find things to blame for the collapse of it. If it is about marriage then it should be illegal for a couple to live together if they are not married.

If you’re going to save marriage it will be through setting an example of what it should be like. My personal goal is to meet the right woman and marry her.

If we are truly concerned about people then we should ban all smoking in public, ban usage of cell phones while driving, severely punish anyone caught drinking and driving…

The USA is not a Christian nation. It is not a perfect place. Do not try to pretend otherwise. It needs work. It needs change. The corruption needs to end. Big government controlled by big corporations needs to end. The people need to be represented. The problem is that this change will not happen. The people in control do not want it to change. It’s not in their favor for things to change.

I have been taken advantage of too many times. The truth of how things work are disturbing. The way things are and the way people are makes me wonder about Truth. God is still in control and God is over ALL but I consider what He has planned. What purpose is there to all of the things of this world…

I do not know, but just because things are they way that they are does not mean that we should not change them.


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