late night June 6, 2012

When you have no clue what to do what do you do? I do not know what to do. I apply to job after job but I almost never hear back. I have had a couple of interviews over the past 3 years.

My student loan debt is massive. I mean it’s more than you’d expect, but I believe that most of it is from fees and interest. I do not know how much the total is at this moment but it is a six figure amount.

I would need to make a large amount of money to be able to pay that off and cover expenses.

I hate being single. I feel so alone. But what woman would marry me. Especially since I have no job and student loan debt. If only that debt would just go away. I could forget what I have gone through. I can forget about everything I owned being stolen from me.

I went to 2 film schools. Neither of which ever helped me find work. They are only interested in the money.

I would love to play the drums. I have played some before. I could teach myself with the help of a couple of DVDs from the library. I wish someone would give me a good set of drums.

Depression is tough. I am depressed because I have lost focus. I mean I do nothing most of the time.

I would love to travel some. I really want to go camping and hiking. Of course I would need gear for this.

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