June 9th, 2012

I cannot believe that I have been looking fro work for over 3 years and still nothing. I have applied for any and all kinds of jobs over these past few years.

I try to remain positive through all of this. I try to remind myself of what is most important. I do pray to God about my finances. It’s not easy to forget how much money I owe or the fact that I would need to obtain a very high paying job just to pay off the debt.
I hope things will begin to improve soon. 
I try to limit the jobs apply to, so that I am applying mostly to jobs that I am actually qualified for. I have applied to ones that I am not as qualified for, but I know why I never heard back about those applications.

June 7th, 2012 (Ways to Help)

I am considering what it would take for me to get rid of all of my student debt after a friend of mine sent me a link concerning erasing student debt. The problem is that I have no money and I do not believe that I know an attorney that I can go to concerning this.

I need help. I need to get rid of this debt, find a job, find a place to live and get a car. There are other things that I could use in regards to my career etc. but those are the basics. Please pray for me.

You can also help by sending me codes for certain programs:

My Coke Rewards
Stouffer’s Dinner Club Rewards
Disney Rewards

You can e-mail me the codes: filmmakerjasonwhitaker@gmail.com

My hope is that there are people out there that actually desire to help other people because I need all of the help that I can get. I would prefer the idea of doing everything on my own and not depending upon anyone but that does not work. We have to depend upon others and most importantly we have to depend upon God.

I have deleted some profiles from my FB profile. These people are those that declined to help with my fundraiser. Some of these people are people the sort of people that try to appear to be something when they are not. A couple of them try to appear to do God’s work but what they do is based upon their own desires.

I am excited about the free pair of Dr. Scholl’s Messaging Gels that I received through Bzz Agent. I have worn them once already. They made my shoes feel like a different pair. They made walking more comfortable.

Please consider helping me. I am hard working and dependable. I do not drink or smoke. I have a valid passport.

late night June 6, 2012

When you have no clue what to do what do you do? I do not know what to do. I apply to job after job but I almost never hear back. I have had a couple of interviews over the past 3 years.

My student loan debt is massive. I mean it’s more than you’d expect, but I believe that most of it is from fees and interest. I do not know how much the total is at this moment but it is a six figure amount.

I would need to make a large amount of money to be able to pay that off and cover expenses.

I hate being single. I feel so alone. But what woman would marry me. Especially since I have no job and student loan debt. If only that debt would just go away. I could forget what I have gone through. I can forget about everything I owned being stolen from me.

I went to 2 film schools. Neither of which ever helped me find work. They are only interested in the money.

I would love to play the drums. I have played some before. I could teach myself with the help of a couple of DVDs from the library. I wish someone would give me a good set of drums.

Depression is tough. I am depressed because I have lost focus. I mean I do nothing most of the time.

I would love to travel some. I really want to go camping and hiking. Of course I would need gear for this.

Drums and work

I am very interested in acquiring a good set of drums. The problem is that I do not have any money to buy a set. If anyone has a set that they need to get rid of, please let me know.

I have been submitting to all kinds of jobs over the years and still I am unemployed. The jobs that I am qualified for tell me that they went with someone more qualified, though I wonder if it is more like they hired someone that they personally know.

I did well as an actor and I would be open to more acting. An agent would be good I guess.

June 6th, 2012

I have been cleaning my FB account of some people that I do not know. I set up an event on FB for my attempt at raising funds to replace stolen photography gear. I am deleting the profiles of everyone that declines this invite. I am doing this because I do not need to have people I do not know on my profile.

I am tired of people. I will no longer put up with nonsense. I need to figure out what is best for me. For too long I have listened to the wrong people.

I have met all kinds of people, most of them are fake, and I have seen what motivates most people. Most people are motivated by greed. I have been to different “churches” and I have found them to be full of religious people caught up in their own show. Green Hill Baptist, Trinity Baptist (Cayce, SC), Park Street Baptist, etc. All of them are the same. Same routines, same old people. These places are merely big buildings with people pretending to be something they have no desire to be. They can, at times, put on an interesting show but it is no more than a show.

If only the Church would rise up and be the Church. Rise up out of the filth of religion. If only the Church would be the Church. Don’t go on mission trips that are no more than vacations disguised as a mission trip. Do not set up big organizations, Southern Baptist Convention, when the funds you waste could be used to help people. Help people. Get to know them. Share a greater faith through your deeds.

There is but one Body, the Church. There is one God. There is one Savior: Jesus. There is only one Hope.

If only the people that claim to be Christian would do as they have been instructed. Imagine what could happen. What impact this could make. I write these things because I see a need for a change. Do not get caught up in the world. Do not focus on gaining more stuff.

The focus needs to be relationships. If you want to save the concept of marriage then save it, don’t find things to blame for the collapse of it. If it is about marriage then it should be illegal for a couple to live together if they are not married.

If you’re going to save marriage it will be through setting an example of what it should be like. My personal goal is to meet the right woman and marry her.

If we are truly concerned about people then we should ban all smoking in public, ban usage of cell phones while driving, severely punish anyone caught drinking and driving…

The USA is not a Christian nation. It is not a perfect place. Do not try to pretend otherwise. It needs work. It needs change. The corruption needs to end. Big government controlled by big corporations needs to end. The people need to be represented. The problem is that this change will not happen. The people in control do not want it to change. It’s not in their favor for things to change.

I have been taken advantage of too many times. The truth of how things work are disturbing. The way things are and the way people are makes me wonder about Truth. God is still in control and God is over ALL but I consider what He has planned. What purpose is there to all of the things of this world…

I do not know, but just because things are they way that they are does not mean that we should not change them.

June 5, 2012

I find myself considering some things.Everyone knows that “Hollywood” is fake. The entire film and television industry as a whole is fake. I don’t have too much of a problem with that. It’s suppose to be fake. It’s not real.

But when people are fake, as most people are I am more than just bothered by it. I try my best to be real. I try to be honest. I have come across too many people that lie as a career and/ or hobby.

If people were to really love one another then things would be that much better. If people did not twist things just to fit their purpose. I have a faith. I am not religious. I pray and I read scripture. I am part of a body of believers that meets each Sunday. I am frustrated that there are too many people that claim to be a “Christian”. It would be great if we could practice what we believe. I include myself because I am not perfect, but this is about those that try to present themselves as perfect.

Some people call being a “Christian” showing up at a big building once a week or even less, or taking a vacation and calling it a mission trip. They give money to a building and neglect what God would have them do.

I know that I am so far from perfect that I would need a visa just to get near it, but this is a wake up call. To me. To you. To Everyone.

What is it that we should be doing, that we are not doing? Sometimes we need to pray and then do something as well….