I plan to write more here but the problem with trying to write something funny is that you have to be in the mood to be funny.

I have not been in the mood to be funny for so long but now my goal is to be funny again.


When someone finds out you’ve ever done stand up before they think you should be funny whenever they want you to be funny.

I’m attempting to get back to the place in which I could do stand up….


When someone tells you that not everyone pays taxes then tell them if you buy anything you’re paying taxes. The only way to pay no tax is to not work, not buy anything that is taxed which in some places everything is taxed.

These modern ideas of everything having taxes is ridiculous. If you look at the average dollar and how little of it is not lost to taxes then you’d realize that the rich and powerful are geniuses.

I’m not saying they are smart, intelligent, but they have the “tax and not pay taxes scheme” working to their advantage. I mean the companies and people that make so much money and have enough money to hire amazing accountants to keep them from paying taxes.

They tax you and waste this money clamming it’s the government’s money. It would be the government’s money if the government were ran by the people for the people but it’s ran by the elite for the elite and big companies.

It’s not funny but it is funny.

Taxes for everyone except those that can afford it the most.

Self Employment

There’s no such thing as being self employed. You might be a freelancer or a small business owner but there’s no way to be “self employed” because if you’re employed you’re earning a living and you can’t pay yourself unless you’re super rich already.

You don’t have to work for a company but someone is paying you to do what you do. Self employment is unemployment.


I think I could be the worst at names. And it’s very random which names I’ll remember. Sometimes I remember hard to remember names and other times I’ll forget easy to remember names.

I might be able to recall certain names some of the time but not other times. It’s very random.

If I remember your name don’t feel special because next time I see you I may not remember it.

If I forget your name don’t take it personally, I’ve forgotten more names than I remember.